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2016-17 Exec

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society Exec 2016/2017:


Sam Adams
Engineering, 3rd Year


Sam started DofE at 13, going on to complete all three levels of the award with Scouts, school & sixth-form. He has since completed training towards becoming a Mountain Leader is a certified DofE Leader. After being VP last year, his responsibility this year is to ensure all of our members are able to maximise their experience with the society, and to have fun. He is always very happy for a chat, especially if it is about helping you finish your Gold Award. As a final year Engineering student he can often be found hiding away in the Engineering common room, library or around campus (if he’s not away for a weekend mountaineering trip).

Vice President & DofE Leader

Matthew WallMatt_w
Engineering, 3rd Year

Matt is the Vice-President this year, so will be working to assist Sam however he can. He is also the DofE leader, so will also be involved in...Leading the DofE people...

Secretary & Social Secretary

Imogen Fitt
Biomedical Science, 2nd YearImogen

Imogen is a 2nd year Biomedical Science student who in her spare time enjoys travelling to new places and not getting lost. (Learning to map read has come in very handy!) As Secretary to the society, Imogen is responsible for replying to emails sent to the society account- She she organizes exec meetings and minutes and is easy to talk to if you have a society problem. As social secretary however, Imogen organizes the regular events of the society, from paintballing and laser tagging, to relaxed trips down to the local pub. Her favourites though, are the termly visits to POP!- the SU’s weekly Wednesday club night, something Warwick dofe attends with friends such as Warwick mountains.

Warwick dofe aims to make sure all of its events are inclusive and fun for all- so feel no need to drink or complete any nasty forfeits! (Although she herself will ofcourse be ready to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.) If you have any questions feel free to say hi at anytime, as she’s usually not busy working! :)


Matthew Paramor
French and History, 3rd year

Matthew Paramore

Matt is jointly responsible Matthew Paramor running the outdoor and expedition related activities within the society along with Ahmad, these include night hikes, the yearly Gold Expeditions and weekend trips away. Matt completed his Bronze DofE at school, he started his Gold DofE in his first year and completed his expedition last summer.

Outside of the Duke of Edinburgh’s society Matt spends time volunteering with a local scout group, and also organises the volunteering scheme within the University Scouts and Guides Organisation. Matt enjoys cycling and has recently taken up Archery. He is currently in France, for a year abroad, so will make meeting him face to face slightly more challenging (but not impossible).

Expeditions Officer

Charlotte Gruender
Something sciencyCharlotte

Charlotte has just come back from a year of working in a laboratory, and has decided to look after the expeditions.

Expeditions Officer

Rafael Laouris
I don't know, we're working on itRafael

Rafael is a third year student and comes from Cyprus. He completed his Award there in the sweltering heat, so you can always hear him complain about hiking in the wet English weather. He loves being outdoors and exploring new places, and will be happy to share that enthusiasm with you. His official role within the society is to organise the trips and make sure everyone has a good time during them. His unnofficial role is to drive the minibus;) He has started working at a local bar in Leamington, so you may see him on of your nights out; be sure to say hi!

Post Gold Coordinator

Mayur Dave
Mathematics, 4th year


Mayur is a 4th year Maths student, usually called by his surname, Dave. As Post-Gold Coordinator, he keeps in touch with all the alumni of the society and is always on the lookout for things you can do after you’ve finished your award. He is a great person to talk to, along with the Vice President Matt about completing eDofE and about joining the mentor team.

IT & Publicity Officer

Tim Watson
Engineering, 5th YearTim

Tim is in his final year of his Electronic Engineering degree, and has just come back from a year working for Virgin Media. In the society, his role is to look after & update the website, send the weekly emails to everyone, and to try to get more people involved in the society.

In his free time Tim enjoys acting, and has been involved in a number of different projects in the past year, and hobbies include walking (obviously), playing the guitar, doing small projects, and having a nice evening down the pub. He has got a reputation for always having some form of food with him, usually in the form or mints or biscuits, and is always happy to share (if asked politely). He can usually be found around the Enginering/Physics building, or within reach of a phone/computer, for feel free to stop him for a chat. =D