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2017-18 Exec


Matthew Paramor
French and History, 4th Year


Hi I'm Matt and I'm your president! I completed my bronze DofE award at school and then started my gold award in my first year at Warwick University. I have since completed the award, as well as completing my training towards becoming a mountain leader. I am now a DofE supervisor and will soon be taking my assessment to become a DofE expedition assessor.

I first joined the exec in my second year as one of the expedition officers, helping to organise and run the trips and expeditions. During my year abroad, I remained on the exec as treasurer.

Outside of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Society, I spend time volunteering with a local scout group. I also enjoy cycling, hiking and travelling, having recently returned from a year working in France and a summer trip to New Zealand.

Vice President

Imogen Fitt
Biomedical Science, 3rd Year


Hi I'm Imogen and I'm your vice president! I'm a 3rd year biomedical sciences student situated way up at Gibbet Hill. I joined the society in my first year in order to complete my Gold DofE award and in my second year I chose to become the society's social secretary - organising meets ups and other shenanigans. This year I hope to improve the way the society works before I leave Warwick. When not working you can usually find me enjoying a beverage or two at the terrace bar - pop over and say hi! Alternatively feel free to drop me a message to answer any of your questions!

Secretary & Social Secretary

Amy Pattison
Mathematics, 2nd Year


Hey my name is Amy and I'm a second year maths student. I love to read, draw and play racquet sports as well as, of course, being on the DofE exec! I joined the society because it's a fun way to make friends and get an award for doing things I enjoy and might not otherwise do. Allowing others the opportunity to do the same is very rewarding and is the main reason why I'm on the exec.


Rachel Lewis
Law, 2nd Year


Hi I'm Rachel and I'm a second year law student. As treasurer I am responsible for the society’s finances this year. I'm in charge of monitoring the society accounts, signing forms and making sure that none of the exec run off with any of the society funds. I'm also working with our social secretary Amy this year, helping to organise the many society socials. Make sure to watch out for those upcoming events!
I joined the society in my first year, and my favourite moment so far was being chased by sheep across the Brecon Beacons in the pouring rain on last year’s training weekend! In my spare time, you can probably find me playing badminton or organising activities for the guide unit I run. If you have any questions feel free to stop and have a chat!

Expeditions Officer

Pranav Bhansali
Accounting & Finance, 3rd Year


Hi I'm Pranav and I joined the DofE society as part of my aim to take up something different and make new friends. During the course of my first year weekend trip to the Lake District, I realised and embraced the passion I had for trekking and travelling. I haven't looked back since. I look forward to keeping the society moving forward in my role as expedition officer along with the rest of the exec.

Expeditions Officer

James mayne
Maths & Physics, 3rd Year


Hi I'm James and I'm going into my third year of my maths and physics degree. I've completed my bronze and silver awards and am currently working on my gold! As your expedition officer I'll be helping run your expeditions as well as lots of other walking trips throughout the year!

Post Gold Coordinator

Andrew Darlington
Mathematics, 3rd Year


Hi I'm Andrew! I'm a third year maths student who enjoys a spot of walking on the side, so naturally I am the new post gold coordinator for the DofE society, continuing the long-standing tradition of the role by having not yet completed my gold award...

My job is to keep post-golders involved in the society by including them in the society socials and trips. In addition, I help manage eDofE (the online component) and I have a lot of input into how the society is run.

Fun fact: other hobbies of mine include playing the French horn and skiing (I've not yet tried those at the same time...).

IT & Publicity Officer

Chris Slee
Chemistry, 3rd Year


Hi I'm Chris. I'm a third year chemistry student here at Warwick and for this society I'm your marketing officer. I did my bronze DofE award before I came to university but never continued on to get my gold. Once I heard there was an opportunity to do it here I decided to take it.
It's been a great experience - my favourite part being the hikes. Trekking through the countryside with a good group of people, you get to see and experience many of the great views and sights that this country has to offer. I'd definitely recommend doing your gold award - anyone who plays a sport, has a hobby and is part of an exec will have already filled a lot of the requirements. After that you've got two manageable (and fun) hikes and some paperwork and you're pretty much done. If you're even considering it a tiny little bit, come down to our campus bar crawl (week 1 Friday) to chat to some of our members. See you then.