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2009-10 Exec

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society Exec 2010/2011:


Billy Jones
Politics, Second Year

Hi there, my name's Billy and I'm the President of this great society this year! Just a bit about my role, well being the President it's my job to ensure that all the other exec members are doing what they're supposed to be doing and to ensure the society runs as smoothly as possible. Having never had the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award before, Warwick has given me the chance to take part in one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do. What I like most about the D of E Award is the amount of freedom you have to do literally whatever you want, making the award personal to you and of course lots of fun! The D of E Award is not only a great way to develop as a person, to challenge yourself and experience a variety of things that you wouldn't normally have the chance to but it is a great CV-booster with employers regarding it very highly! So get involved to either start or complete your Gold Award and we will help you all we can!


Hari Sriskantha
Scientific Computing, First Year Postgraduate

Hi, my name is Hari and I'm the secretary of the D of E society. My sections: For my skill, I started taking piano lessons,
as it's something I've wanted to do for a while. I still haven't decided on my physical activity, yet - I'd really like to start playing cricket, but I'll probably end up going for something that requires a little less co-ordination... And of course, being part of an exec counts as your voluntary service...


Valerie Chooi
Economics, Finalist

Hey, I'm Valerie and I'll be your treasurer for this year :)
I started my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in high school but did not get the chance to do my expeditions so was thrilled when I found out I could finish it at uni! I've just returned from the Qualifying Expedition in the Lake District which was definitely a challenge but at the same time one of the most rewarding experiences. I have completed my skill section; undertaking a project set by Ford as part of the Engineering Education Scheme. For my residential, I worked as a steward for Oxfam at the Bestival which meant I also got to check out the acts for free! I have been volunteering and raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK as part of the service section and for physical recreation I plan to take up squash. Hope to see you guys this year! :)

IT Officer

Ali Glossop
English and French, Third Year

Hi everyone! I'm Ali and I am the IT officer this year. I started my Duke of Edinburgh award in my second year at Warwick, as I'd always wanted to do it and also as it seemed an excuse to get involved in other societies too. I am doing the direct Gold award. I did some volunteer work as a Language Tutor in a primary school in Kenilworth, and am doing yoga as my physical recreation. I am hoping to learn Spanish as my skill. I haven't yet done an expedition, but after doing a Training Weekend with the society I am really looking forward to doing them as it's a great opportunity to meet people, have fun and get fit at the same time! There are so many opportunities available to get involved with new activities and make friends at Warwick so I would definitely recommend continuing or starting D of E here!!

D of E Leader

Jenny Webb
Mathematics, Third Year

I have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold D of E awards. I did my volunteer work with Cancer Research UK, my skill was playing the Cello and my physical was playing Netball. I also helped out on a Guide Camp for a week for my residential. I did my expeditions in Hertfordshire, Snowdonia and Holland. I collected my award from St James's Palace in London last year. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh award is an amazing achievement, it's lots of fun as you meet so many different people, and also highly recommended by employers as it builds on so many essential skills. I found doing the award one of the hardest but most character building experiences of my life, and I made friends for life while doing it so recommend it strongly to anyone. I have lots of experience and knowledge about D of E, so if you have any questions or need any help please feel free to ask me :-)

Publicity and Marketing Officer

Nabila Cruz
Politics with International Studies, Finalist

Duke of Edinburgh is something I always heard about but never thought I would do it. So I can't believe I'm now part of the exec! I want to complete the award because it is a great challenge and I get to meet lots of amazing people. I'm hoping to do my expedition next summer. For my residential, I will be sailing the Channel. I'm learning sign language for my skill and hopefully I will do archery as physical!

Equipment Officer

Laura Adams

Accounting and Finance, Third Year

Hi, I'm Laura, this year's equipment officer. This is my second year on the exec and third year in the society, unfortunately my last year at uni too :-( But I've very nearly completed my Gold Award now and it has provided me with some fantastic and rewarding opportunities. For my Skill I learnt to drive; Physical I did Tae Kwon Do; Volunteering I was/am on the exec; Residential I taught English in Thailand, along with learning about the culture; and finally for the Expedition I hiked in the Lake District in 2008. The Award is fun, but challenging - I would recommend it to everyone! Good luck!