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2013-14 Exec

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society Exec 2013/2014:


President 2013-14Will Cranfield
Engineering 4th Year

Hi! I’m Will and your president for the year. I started D of E when I was 16 as a direct entrant to silver. After completing silver at home, I started gold at Warwick. Having now completed the award I am awaiting my invitation to go to the palace. I have really enjoyed completing the award and I have done a lot of new things. The society is a fantastic thing to be a part of, we always have something going on and is great for everyone from a gold holder to a direct entrant and is certainly not just about walking! DofE in general, and especially the Gold award, is a great way to show employers that you are not just academically confident, but that you can learn new skills, persevere and work with new teams to achieve a demanding goal. While the award is challenging in some respects, it is great fun and a fantastic achievement meeting new people and learning new things , the support you get from the society will help you immensely to complete the award.
So any question you have or want to get involved don’t be afraid to ask!

Vice-President & DofE Leader

Vice President 2013-14Nick McCaul
Chemistry , 4th Year

Hi, I'm Nick. I'm a fourth year studying Chemistry. I've been with society since my second year at university when I decided I wanted to try and use my gold. I finished mine while I was at school but have been involved trying to give other people the opportunities I'd had since then. Although not a participant at university I've been involved with a lot of great expeditions, socials and people. It's a really easy way to get your gold or if you've finished just continue to be involved so either way I really recommend coming along.


Secretary 2013-14

Yeo Ling Xi
Law, 2nd Year

Hello! I'm Ling Xi and I'm your secretary for this year. I only learnt about DofE when I was at Warwick last year, and so far it's been a really great experience! I'm still in the midst of completing the award, and I'm really excited for it. Through DofE, I've met new people and learnt a lot, and I think DofE would really be worth your time at university :)

If you have any questions, just ask and I would be happy to help!


Treasurer 2013-14

Nathalie Muffat
Accounting and Finance, 3rd Year

Hey there! Name's Nathalie and I'm your treasurer this year. Unlike most of the others, I'm still working towards my Gold Award and seriously enjoying it. It's a brilliant way to do stuff you love (from the night walks to the socials and pub nights) while meeting great people. I only discovered DofE at uni last year, but I don't regret getting involved for a second... And neither will you!

Expeditions Officer

Expeditions Officer 2013-14Eve Bayram
Classical Civilisations, 3rd Year

Hi, I’m Eve, and I’m one of your Expedition Officers for this year. I’ve been involved in DofE for about 6 years now as I completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold awards with school. Before my own expeditions I had no previous experience of camping or hiking and found it quite daunting, but I found that the expeditions are actually where you have the most fun! They may be challenging, but you will have a team of great people around you who are ready to offer support. So if you’ve never heard of DofE before, have always wanted to do it, or have started your award already then get involved; I will do my best to answer any questions you may have about the expedition, kit or anything else – please don’t hesitate to ask!

Expeditions Officer

Expeditions Officer 2013-14Marvin Lee
Engineering, 2nd Year

Hi, I am Marvin, my DofE experience began whilst I was 15, when I chose to participate in my school’s DofE scheme, starting off as a direct entrant to the Silver Award having no experience of any aspects of it whatsoever. Although some say it’s very easy, it certainly wasn’t like that for me to begin with. However I ended up learning a lot about myself, plenty of new skills and gained a liking for adventure! By the time I finished my Silver Award I got stuck straight into my Gold Award and enjoyed it throughout the entire programme, which I completed in August just before coming to Warwick. It’s surprising how highly employers regard those having done DofE, especially those with the Gold award as the programme helps us to broaden our horizons and push ourselves out of our comfort zone and towards new goals – it’s no walk in the park but you certainly won’t regret doing it. The confidence boost and sense of achievement will always remain with you! Having finished my DofE Award and realising the value it has, not only to employers, but to society and countless people around us, it’s certainly enjoyable and rewarding to be able to give something back and give others the opportunity and encouragement to do the award. Not only are we always looking for willing participants but also those who have done Gold to keep the DofE spirit going strong so don’t be afraid to get in touch you won’t regret it!

IT & Publicity Officer

IT & Publicity Officer 2013-14Chris Sage
Engineering, 3rd Year

Hi guys, I'm Chris, I'm in charge of IT and Publicity for you all this year. Like Nathalie and Ling Xi, I'm still doing my Gold Award having started again at Uni, and I'm really glad I did. Not only is it an experience you can't get elsewhere, the society has great members and even better socials - I can't recommend the award enough. Get in touch with me if you need anything, and shout at me if your emails don't open and the website crashes!

Social Sec

Social Secretary 2013-14Tom Diamond
History, 2nd Year

Hello everyone! I’m Tom, your social sec for this year. After spending a lot of my youth with the scout association but never partaking in any DofE I decided to make that change and started my gold when I came to Warwick. It has been a great experience so far and I would definitely recommend you grab this opportunity to do the award. Also, we have some great socials lined up this year, which you will not want to miss. If you have any questions, just ask. :)

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