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2014-15 Exec

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Society Exec 2014/2015:


President Chris

Chris Sage
Engineering, 4th Year  

Chris started his Gold award back at school, and is at his second attempt of moving through the award, having completed expeditions with the society in 2013. Chris is your friendly local DofE president. For this, he has to be responsible, so hopefully none of you reading this have actually met him before. He’s in charge of lots of things, sometimes they even run to plan, but they’re always great fun, and he’s always open to have a chat about anything, DofE related or otherwise - just get in touch however you see fit (this includes shouting at him in the street, he loves that).

In the wild, you'll probably see Chris cracking his head against a table in the Engineering common room, stumbling around the West Midlands area looking drunk and awful in EVERY DofE photo EVER.

So if you want to get involved, give Chris (or anyone else for that matter) a holla and you won’t regret it!

Vice-President & DofE Leader

James Povey
Physics, 4th Year

James is both Vice-President and DofE leader, which means he's doubly important as he has two titles. He is a self-declared expert on DofE and is your go-to guy whilst completing the award, so be sure to continually hassle him i you have any questions regarding the award or even just life in general. He is very wise.

James started his award way back in 2010 at school, and completed his expeditions in 2013 through the society. When not fulfilling DofE duties, he is probably studying the nature of the Universe in the Physics workroom in the hope of becoming a professional astronaut, or obtaining his next coffee fix from his super-secret stashes hidden around campus (10 bonus points if you can find them).

DofE is an incredibly enjoyable experience, giving many people the opportunity to achieve something they believed to be beyond their limits, and I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go.



Lim Yuanting 
Law, 2nd Year

Ting is a second year law student and has a penchant for travelling around the world in her spare time. She has a love of delicious food, and is no stranger to showing off her creations at home to friends and society members (she has single-handedly made other Exec members get really hungry, and that doesn't happen particularly often).

As Secretary, Ting is responsible for organising the society's email inbox and replying to queries from members (and generally anyone else who asks for stuff — apart from people who try to ransom IT & Publicity Officer Phillip, in which case the usual response is 'keep him'). She is also the number one person to go to when Exec meetings and minutes need to be done! Feel free to get in touch with the society by emailing


Mai-Linh Nguyen
Biomedical Sciences, 3rd Year

Mai-Linh is the Treasurer, so is in charge of monitoring the accounts, organising the budgets, and — most importantly — making sure none of the Exec run off with the Society Funds! She started her Gold with the Society in 2012 and is just one section away from completing it!

When she's not guarding the Society Safe, or singing financial forms, she is poking brain slices in the lab, inspiring the next generation of University students with Warwick Inspire, and YouTubing clips of "cute" animals (spending three minutes and forty-one seconds wathcing a baby porcupine eat a slice of sweet potato is definitely not a waste of time).

She is currently undertaking guitar lessons for her Skills section, after which she hopes she will be good enough to become an internationally renowned rockstar, and won't have to worry about finding a graduate job.

Expeditions Officer No.1

Marvin Lee
Engineering, 3rd Year

Marvin is jointly responsible with Tom for organising the society's outdoor-related activities from short night/day walks to the annual Gold Expeditions. He entered the world of DofE at the age of 15, doing his Silver and Gold Awards whilst at school. He did his expeditions in a variety of places, including the Mournes in Northern Ireland, the English Lakes, and the Cairngorns in Scotland.

When he's having a rbeak from planning the expeditions and sorting out society kit, you'll probably see him playing Badminton with the club at least once per week, or hiding away in the Engineering Common Rooms or the Library, trying to figure out what's happening. If you're lucky, you may catch him in a deep discussion with Chris trying to outnumber him on the number of car-related facts known to humanity.

Expeditions Officer No.2

Thomas Diamond
History, 3rd Year

Tom is one of the two Expedition Officers, working with Marvin to make sure that the expeditions run smoothly and that you are confident by organising the Training Sessions. He started his DofE with Mai-Linh, and had so much of a whale of a time that he stood for Exec in his first year, and then again; it's the best thing he's joined since he came to Uni, because the society is so awesome!

In his non-DofE time, you can probably find him in the Learning Grid reading about how awesome the past is, especially the comedy of the '60s; Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em and Keeping Up Appearances are so awesome and should be watched by everyone.

IT & Publicity Officer

Phillip Stoneman
Economics, 3rd Year

Phil lives in the DofE Publicity Cave, where he often spends late nights alone with Photoshop and HTML in producing the society's posters and keeping on top of the website. As an exponent of shameless plugging, you can find his doings on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Having completed Bronze & Silver at school, he completed his Gold expeditions in the summer of his first year, with his sections including playing Steel Pans with DrumSoc and making jingles with RaW. Phil is also behind the horrendously punny jokes in members' weekly emails.

Social Sec

Joanna Watts
Physics, 2nd Year

There is a saying that this society's Social Secretaries (commonly referred to as the Social Sec) aren't particularly good at handling one too many glasses of orange juice. It has long been Joanna's case that, like many celebrities before her, she declines to comment.

The socials of Warwick DofE Society are some of the most inclusive known to man- and woman-kind, regularly undertaking jaunts to local pubs without any obligation to indulge in heavy-duty orange juice consumption. We have been known, however, to partake to POP!, the SU's weekly Wednesday clubnight, with our friends at Warwick Mountains, to further Joanna's love of the Baywatch theme and Belinda Carlisle. She's always approachable — always find her at socials to say hello, whether that's at a pub or in the urban warfare surroundings of Laserquest.