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2019-20 Exec

2019/2020 Exec Photo <3

PresidentHarry Adams

Harry Adams
Engineering, 3rd Year

Hi I’m Harry, and your President for the year!

I’m a third year Systems Engineering student, and since joining Warwick I’ve been involved with helping the society (which led me to become Expeditions Officer last year). I completed my Gold in the Isle of Arran, Scotland. I also enjoy water sports, hiking and travelling!

“Summiting a mountain is great fun, but it’s all downhill from there”

Vice PresidentNaomi Betts

Naomi Betts
Engineering, 3rd Year

Hi, I’m Naomi! I’m a 3rd year Engineering student.

I help you complete your sections and sort all things eDofE related. In my spare time I like to do more hiking and camping (surprise, surprise) and a cheeky bit of crafting and sewing.

My best piece of advice is that carrots are a healthy snack that won't get squashed on expeditions.

Secretary & Social SecretaryKatherine Stretch

Katherine Stretch
English and French, 2nd Year

Hi, I’m Katherine! I’m a second year English and French student.

I’ve only done a little bit of my Gold Award so far, but it’s been great to experience it as part of a society. My role is to organise the society’s exec meetings and socials, so I hope I can make it as fun an experience for you as it has been for me! If you have any ideas for socials, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

TreasurerSteven Yeung

Steven Yeung
Engineering, 3rd Year

Hello there, my name is Steven and I’m a third year Electronic Engineering student.

I will be the society’s treasurer for this year which entails responsible management of the society’s funds, completing necessary forms and ensuring that there is no shady business with the society’s funds. You’ll find that I’m always walking into puddles and trying to avoid cyclists on an everyday basis.

Important quotes:
“I hate walking.” – Steven 2018
“I still hate walking.” – Steven 2019

Expeditions OfficerOliver Sabin

Oliver Sabin
Maths, 2nd Year

Hi, I’m Oliver. I am a second year Maths student and completed my Gold expedition during my first summer at University.

I am going to be one half of your expeditions team for the year. My job is to organise training, and our trips to Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons as well as our official DofE Expeditions in the summer.
Top Tip: Take at least 4 packets of chocolate oaties on every expedition.

Expeditions OfficerJames Grant

James Grant
Engineering, 3rd Year

Hello, I’m James. I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student.

I completed my Bronze, Silver awards at school and just recently my Gold with the Society. My role, along with Oliver, is to organize the Practice and Qualifying Expeditions in the summer for participants. However, we also plan trips throughout the year to serve as opportunities to prepare for these, as well as being a fun weekend away for anyone who likes walking but not necessarily looking to do his/her DofE. Outside of DofE, I enjoy playing the trombone and anything to do with Hillman Imps!

Post Gold CoordinatorAnna Dowding

Anna Dowding
English Literature, 3rd Year

Hi! My name is Anna and I have the privilege of being the society's Post-Gold Officer.

I'm in my final year studying English Literature which is great! My role involves things like telling post-golds about the many different ways they can get involved in the society. Doing my DofE awards at school was the most amazing thing and it's so nice that our university society offers lots of opportunities for all those who have already done their Gold. Ever since I joined DofE society in my first year I've grown to love walking more and more and can't wait to do even more this year!Outside of DofE I find spending time outside really relaxing as well as practising my violin at the music centre when I have a free hour or so between lectures. Maybe you'll bump into me there!

IT & Publicity OfficerChun Chiu

Chun Chiu
Engineering, 2nd Year

Hey, I'm Chun.

My role is to keep you up-to-date with our latest news and events through our weekly email and various social media channels. I'm responsible for developing this website so feel free to give me any suggestions you would like to see. You may also see me trying to capture the best moments at our events so please forgive me if I'm taking too long to take a (good / often bad) selfie!

By the way, please don't hesistate to send me a few photos from trips that you have participated in, especially as I will be eternally grateful. 😊