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DofE Digest

Our Latest Issue!

DofE Digest 6 LinkDofE Digest 6 Link

The sixth issue of the DofE Digest was our Christmas Eve present to our members, and is full of festive DofE wisdom! In the absence of trips and seeing each other in person, we've taken a slightly different approach with this issue: instead of focussing on what we've done this term, it focusses instead on what you will get to do once the covid cloud lifts! So put your feet up, grab some hot chocolate, and let your mind wander to a mountainside adventure that's hopefully not too far in the future...

The Digest Origin Story

The DofE Digest was created in 2018 by our then-Post Gold Coordinator as a way to give the DofE Society a friendly face outside of our social media. Not only does it serve as a termly newsletter, it also showcases all our favourite trip photos, draws on the wit and wisdom of our members who have done it all before, and provides invaluable advice - and sometimes some much-needed motivation and comfort! - for our current participants.

If you think you might like to contribute to the next edition, don't hesitate to contact our IT & Publicity Officer, Katherine! You can reach her at the society email address.

In the meantime, think of the Digest as an FAQ-page-turned-short-story-turned-throwback-turned-agony-aunt-turned-photo-album! What could possibly be a lovelier pick me up in the midst of a pandemic?

Previous Editions

Issue 5

DofE Digest 5 Link

Published at the start of March 2020 - and following one of our wettest trips to the Brecon Beacons to date! - we give you all of our advice for how to survive back-to-back storms in the south of Wales. It also features advice on how to carry on your award independently and get yourself out on your own adventures - advice we couldn't imagine the value of when we first published it! In the age of covid, it's well worth a read.

Issue 4

DofE Digest 4 Link

Featuring the now immortal words '2020, a new decade of DofE for everyone', this issue is the ultimate combination of handy hints and reminiscence, looking back on the 2018-19 academic year. If you need some insight into what we usually get up to, and how we imagine the future playing out in a post-lockdown world, then look no further!

Issue 3

DofE Digest 3 Link

A look back over everything we got up to in January-March 2019! Including an immersive recap of our trip to the Brecon Beacons, told through photos worth more than 1000 words and a hypothetical scenario we always like to put our participants through; and an interview with one of our DofE alumni, discussing how to get the best out of your residential.

Issue 2

DofE Digest 2 Link

The ultimate guide (and motivation!) for our participants! If an in-depth look at how to make a success of your award and passionate encouragement from a former member doesn't inspire you, then maybe views of the misty mountains of Wales will! Also featuring the DofE Society's answer to 'haute cuisine' for the fancier folk amongst you.

Issue 1

DofE Digest 1 Link

The inaugural issue of the DofE Digest! With highlights including: an inspirational retelling of our last qualifying expedition and how it helped our participants grow as people (even if that growth was in the form of becoming a less fussy eater!) But keep in mind: pulling out an angry stranger's tent pegs or lying about your tent going to Patagonia isn't the way to do your expedition!