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Kit List - Expeditions

Making sure you have the correct kit for your expeditions is really important so that you can work successfully and independently in your group. Below is our recommended kit list for expedition participants.

You may also want to see the official DofE Kit Guide which has similar recommendations with subtle differences.

You also shouldn't forget to bring plenty of food! We run a dedicated Expedition Nutrition training session in Term 1 every year, so make sure you come along to that to learn about the best foods to bring for that mid-expedition sugar rush!


Make sure to keep all your clothes in a waterproof bag/rubble sack.

Personal Camping Equipment

Personal Equipment
Group Equipment
  • Supplied by us:
    • Tent
    • Stove
    • First Aid kit
    • Maps/map cases/route cards
    • Compasses
    • Whistles
  • Supplied by you:
    • Pack of cards (optional) - for evening entertainment
    • Washing up liquid
    • Matches/lighter - make sure that you keep these in a waterproof bag or box
    • Water purification tablets - optional, but can be useful when taking water during the wild camp
    • Camera (not on your phone!) - for your project, but also to remember your week!