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What are your Expeditions?

You must do two expeditions, a Practice Expedition and a Qualifying Expedition which is monitored by an assessor.
A Gold Expedition consists of a four day and three night hike, covering about 80km. It's physically challenging but you don't have to be incredibly fit to do it!
As long as you get a bit of practice walking in beforehand anyone will be fine. The expeditions are a great experience and really good fun!
You are completely self sufficient for the four days, carrying all of your Food, Clothing, Tents etc. However, the campsites all typically have water supplies and showers! You walk in groups of between 4 and 7 people.

Why do it at Uni?

We organise both the practice and qualifying expeditions each Summer, the dates are below. We do all of the legwork and paperwork for you, so you just have to worry about your route and food! If you don't have all the kit, we can provide it free of charge. The expeditions are heavily subsidised, meaning they're about 2/3 cheaper than doing it with another provider!

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Expedition Dates 2014

Put these dates in your diary now!
Date What Description Time
Friday 28th February
- Sunday 2nd March
Training Weekend Open to anyone, but compulsory for anyone going on our Expeditions who hasn't been on one before.
Depart: Early Evening
Finish: Evening
Saturday 28th June
- Friday 4th July
Practice Expedition
Week after the last week of Term.
Depart: Early morning
Finish: Late morning
Saturday 20th September
- Friday 26th September
Qualifying Expedition
Finishes on the Friday before the start of term.
Date may be changed dependant on what the groups prefer.
Depart: Early morning
Finish: Late morning