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For an extensive list of performance Arts & Music, see the Warwick SU Performance Societies List. Some examples include:

  • Playing in a Band
    • Warwick Band Society lets you meet other musicians and use equipment (e.g. amps) and the Westwood Practise rooms (for a small fee): SU Page, Website, Facebook (Email: su260 at sunion dot warwick dot ac dot uk)
  • Playing in a “Big” Band
    • e.g. Wind Orchestra, Brass Society, Symphony Orchestra, own band.
    • Warwick’s Big Band Society: SU Page, Website, Facebook (Email: exec at thebigband dot co dot uk)
  • Dj-ing
  • Bell Ringing
    • Warwick Bell Ringing Society (now no longer an SU Society, but operates independently): Facebook (Email: tower at wubrs dot org dot uk)