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Performing Arts

For a list of performance Arts & Music, see the Warwick SU Performance Societies List Page. Here are some examples:

  • Dance
    • Warwick’s Hip Hop Dance: EQHO Society: SU Page, Facebook ( Email: eqhodance at googlemail dot com )
    • Warwick’s Classical and Modern Dance (CMD) Society: SU Page, Website, Facebook ( Email: su280 at warwicksu dot com )
    • Warwick Breakdance Society: SU Page, Facebook ( Email 1: warwickunibreakdance at gmail dot com ) ( Email 2: justinngam1998 at gmail dot com )
    • Belly Dance Society – Warwick Belly Dance Society: SU Page, Website, Facebook 
  • Speech and Drama
  • Comedy
  • Magic
  • Extreme Ironing