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Learning Circle 12: Developing an Inclusive Engagement approach

silhouettes of different peopleMembership

Chair: Kulbir Shergill, Honorary Fellow - Professional Services, Andy Johnson, Honorary Fellow.

WIE Team Link: Josh Oakes

Members: Helen Wheatley, Freya Harrison, Alex Baker, Michele Aaron, Damien Homer, Stefania Paredes Fuentes, Mark Hinton, Eleanor Hoverd, Caroline Rushingwa, Tishtrya Mehta, Margaret Low, Vishalakshi Roy, Beth Russell, Georgia-May Brown, Rhianna Pike, Massimiliano Lacertosa, Angharad Butler-Rees.

Achievements January - July 2021

We have held one meeting and from this identified 6 potential workstreams which we intend to explore further.

  1. Principles for inclusion
  2. A listening framework (best practice)
  3. Catalogue of audiences
  4. Repository of case studies, dilemmas, assumptions to question
  5. Explore evaluation with LC4
  6. Work with LCs1/6 on training resources.

Ambitions into 2022

With our workstreams and priorities identified we're seeking to further flesh these out with set objectives for each. Additionally we intend to invite external speakers to build our knowledge and expertise in this area, and begin to collaborate with other learning circles (including LC8 - audiences, and 11 - co-production).