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Graduate and Postdoctoral Training

Listed below are some of the training seminars I have attended, as well as a selection of the lectures and conferences I have been to since beginning my PhD. Some of the conferences have links to further information such as papers or podcasts. Click on the list below to view each category.


Graduate School and Arts Faculty Workshops

  • Publishing One to One
  • Research Interview Skills
  • Academic Job Interviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Funding in the Arts and Social Sciences
  • Introduction to Working as a Lecturer
  • Good Practice in Academic and Non-academic Writing
  • Careers Workshop
  • Understanding the Transformative Power of the Arts
  • Working with your Supervisor
  • Presenting to an Academic Audience
  • Speed Reading
  • Revision, proofreading and editing
  • Managing Research Material and Ideas
  • Contextualising Writing
  • PhD Planning

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CTCCS PhD Training

  • How to Make an Argument - Dr Piotr Kuhiwczak
  • Making an Argument Part 2 - Dr Joanne Collie
  • Conducting Your Primary Research - Dr Ruth Cherrington
  • From Conference Paper to Article - Dr Lynne Long
  • Close Reading - Graham Fawcett
  • Methodologies - Dr Piotr Kuhiwczak and Dr Joanne Collie
  • Using Academic Resources - Dr John Gilmore
  • Writing Conference Abstracts - Dr Lynne Long
  • Presenting Conference Papers - Prof Susan Bassnett

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Warwick University Seminars

  • Publishing Your Thesis in the Humanities (2011)
  • African Languages and Translation (2011)
  • Prof Chantal Zabus - "Cyaan Live Split": Under-Dressing, Over-Performing, Transgendering, and the Uses of Camouflage in Caribbean Fiction (2011)
  • Caterina Sinibaldi - Translating for Children under the Fascist Regime in Italy (2009)
  • Svetlana Skomorokhova - Translating from a Minor Culture: Belarusian Literature in English (2009)
  • Dr Manav Ratti - Re-thinking The Satanic Verses: Faith, Secularism, and the Perils of Being Salman Rushdie (2009)
  • Prof Chantal Zabus - Behind the Seine and Other Scenery: African and European Male Intimacies in Western Cities (2008)
  • Prof Chantal Zabus - Fearful Symmetries: The Early Twenty-First Century Debate around Genital Alterations in Literature (2008)
  • Dr John Gilmore - Beast Fables and Satires from Aesop to Animal Farm (2008)
  • Prof Chantal Zabus - Of Female Husbands and Boarding School Girls: New developments in the Nigerian novel (2007)
  • Prof Chantal Zabus - Family Jewels and other cases: How sexuality talks (in non-western texts) (2007)
  • Dr Cora Lindsay - Teaching and English (2007)
  • Dr Pierre-Philippe Fraiture - Modernity and the Belgian Congo (2006)
  • Lecture with Beverley Skeggs (Goldsmiths) (2006)
  • Opal Palmer and Erna Brodber - Women’s literature reading (2006)
  • Yesu Persaud seminar (2006)

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Conferences and Lectures

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“The translator has to consider both the distance between the text world and source-culture reality and the distance between the text world and the target culture reality” (Nord 87)