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The Linguist

I have contributed the following articles to The Linguist, the bi-monthly publication for the Chartered Institute of Linguists:


Poetry in Motion 

This article looked in detail at the linguistic and cultural issues tackled in translating Francophone African women's poetry for my anthology, featuring examples from my book, The Other Half of History.  It also contemplates the future of the genre, and whether times are truly changing for the women who fight against adversity to make themselves heard.

The article is in the following volume of The Linguist: “Poetry in Motion.” The Linguist. 46, 6 (2007): 18-19.


Going it Alone

This is one of two articles focusing on starting out as a freelance translator.  It was written from a personal perspective, focusing on issues such as the challenges I faced, the benefits of having a mentor and what I learnt from the experience.  The other article in the series was written by Ros Schwarz, who wrote from the perspective of a mentor and owner of a translation agency.

My article can be found in the following edition of The Linguist: “Going it Alone.” The Linguist. 46, 3 (2007): 20-21.


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The Linguist

"you have to study the text not for itself but as something that may have to be reconstituted for a different readership in a different culture” (Newmark 18)