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My current research

My research projects are:

1. Coach me if you can: Investigating the incorporation Coaching training in Undergraduate Business School Curricula and the effect of this training on students' comprehension of Leadership, Management practices and Team dynamics.

  • Expected research outputs: 3 journal articles; 1 monograph

2. Arts-Based Methodologies in Higgher Education Management Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach: investigating the influence of Creative experiential pedagogic methodologies on Management Learning.

  • Expected research outputs: 3 journal articles

3. Live-ness and Interdisciplinarity into Case-Based Business Education: The Case of Global Venice from the Renaissance to the Present: An IATL funded research project on enhancing Management learning through mobile technology, historic architecture, literary source material, storytelling and participatory performance interventions. The purpose is to examine the context and impact of Renaissance Venice on global trade operations still functioning today.

  • Expected research outputs: 1 journal article; 1 book article

4. Critical Creativity: An Interdisciplinary Approach: Investigating the impact of creativity in adopting critical attitutdes in Higher Education.

  • Expected research outputs: 1 journal article; 1 book article

5. The Origins of Organisation: Investigating proto-modern corporate entities as they were formed in Early Modern Italy.

  • Expected research outputs: 2 journal articles; 1 monograph

As part of my research, I support the 'Memory and Culture' Theme of the Connecting Cultures Global Research Priority.

My broad research interests currently include:

  • Coaching as developmental tool in Management Learning and Corporate Ladership
  • The significance of embedding Coaching skills training in Higher Education (for personal tutors and supervisors)
  • The significance of embedding Coaching skills training in Business Schools curricula
  • The impact of Executive Coaching on individual; team; and organisational performance
  • The legitimisation of Coaching as an academic discipline combining scholarship with practice
  • Development of Knowledge through Creative Experiential Learning
  • Business History: Proto-modern organisations