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Jie Hu

Hiya! My name is Jie HU. I am from China. I am currently a Ph.D student at the Institute of Education, the University of Warwick.

I completed my Bachelor Degree in China and completed my Master Degree at the University of York, U.K.


Research Field: 

I am doing research into investigating the problems that international Masters level students in WIE experience in developing their academic reading. In the meanwhile, I would like to device some diagnostic tests, focus on texts used within particular modules, and publish them on line.

My research covers two fields: language teaching & learning and information and communications technology (ICT).

In light of the research purpose, the following sub questions were also formulated:


1. What problems do Masters level education students have with academic reading and writing?


2. What kind of material exists already to support academic reading and writing?


3. What are students' attitudes to on line support material?


4. How can students become involved in the process of designing on line support material?


5. How do students react to on line material specially produced for them?



My supervisors: Dr. Michael Hammond and Dr. Ann Barnes.


Department : Education


Research Group: CeNTRE (Centre for New Technology Research in Education)


Thesis Title: Investigations into designing new courseware approach to support the academic reading of Masters degree students at WIE


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