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Mark Childs


This website contains information about me, my career, and my research. Just follow the links above to the separate sections. Also above is a link to my thesis, which I completed in November 2010 at the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick. The title of my thesis is Learners' Experience of Presence in Virtual Worlds.

If you have a particular interest in me, my work and my plans, you are welcome to contact me for more information at or download my CV.

My main areas of research are virtual teamworking, digital personhood, and identity and embodiment in virtual worlds. I've also written about telepresence, body modification, ethics of virtual worlds, metadata, video-mediated and virtual performance, theories of online pedagogy and the use of video in teaching. If you go back to previous careers in journalism and publishing you can include comics censorship, biotechnology, Godzilla movies and gas appliances in the mix.

Current Post

I am currently the Senior Research Fellow for Elearning at Coventry University, located within the Faculty for Engineering and Computing. My role there is to develop and support research projects that support learning and teaching using innovative technologies. At the moment my research is in the following areas,

  • remote and virtual laboraties for teaching STEM+ in schools, in collaboration with Bochum University in Germany,
  • virtual teamworking in construction engineering education, in collaboration with Loughborough University, UK
  • using virtual worlds for teaching science ethics, in collaboration with Iowa University in the USA

This work for Coventry only occupies part of my time. The remainder of the time I am a freelance education consultant, providing evaluation, project support and management, and writing and editing of books and reports for a range of public and private sector organisations. These are, or have recently been:

  • The Chicago Field Museum,
  • Joint Information Systems Committee
  • Ravensbourne College
  • Hewlett Packard

I am also a frequent reviewer for Learning, Media and Technology, Interative Learning Environments, Australian Journal of Educational Technology and the Journal of the Association of Learning Technologists. I'm also on the conference committees for ALT, VS-Games and ReLIVE as well as a visiting lecturer and external examiner at Newman College, the University of Bedfordshire, the University of Southern Maine, and Aalborg University.


My most recent publication is Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds, published by Springer and co-edited with Anna Peachey and I have four other books scheduled for 2012/13. A fuller list of publications and presentations is available on the link above.

Previous experience

I started as a Senior Research Fellow in July 2011. Before that I have worked in elearning project research, project management and staff development at the Universities of Wolverhampton (1995 to 2001), Warwick (2001 to 2008) and Coventry (2008 to 2011). Before that I had careers in Journalism and Publishing, and then in teaching in Further Education. Apart from the PhD in Education, I have a BSc in Astrophysics, an MScEcon in Media Studies and an MA in Consultancy. And two(!?) PGCEs.

And now?

I'm looking to pursue more research opportunities, either through my role as an SRF in Coventry, or on a freelance basis, depending on whether the project calls for an academic partner or a consultant. I've worked on a freelance basis as an evaluator, as a project manager, and as an adviser on educational programmes. Occasionally I've just been handed a load of data by projects who have run out of time, or lost staff and asked to just make a report out of it, which I do. If there's something you think I can help with just contact me through one of the technologies listed on the right.

Press references include

The Times August 13, 2008 Universities running in Second Life


Contact Me

Real Life

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Mark Childs



mark dot childs at coventry dot ac dot uk


Username: mark_childs 

Second Life

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