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The Theatron project was the basis of half of the case studies I used for the PhD. Performance and theatre design is also a specific interest I've developed through working closely with the School of Theatre and Performance Studies, and King's Visualisation Lab since 2001. Below are links to a series of machinima I've created to illustrate Theatron in Second Life.



The first clip is a tour around the Theatre of Pompey. Built in 55 BC it was once the world's largest theatre, and was the site of Julius Casear's assassination. I've chosen a rabbit avatar for the tour because of the obvious connection between rabbits and Julius Caesar*. The machinima shows the level of detail in the model, and also the scale of the building, with its evident challenges for a performer.



The second clip is a flyover of two theatres, the Festspielhaus in Hellerau and the Pyran Cornish Round. These two theatres were built next to each other on one of the Theatron Islands. Because the project will have twenty theatres altogether, it's not possible to keep them all rezzed at the same time, so buildings are rezzed when needed. This will require the island to be booked in advance for any performance or teaching session. In this clip I appear as Pegasus, this was because I used this in a presentation in Halkidiki (Greece) so wanted something from Greek mythology in recognition of that.



The Festspielhaus at Hellerau was the site of the Eurythmics performances of Craig and Appia (not Lennox and Stewart). The model recreates all of the rooms within the building, rehearsal spaces and the library as well as the performance hall. Appia used a modular form for his sets, which can be seen in the machinima. The model will also show a recreation of the lighting rigs used. The avatar used is the very first one I adopted when starting in Second Life. My main one has developed over the years (drow skin, cyber eyes and chrome spikes instead of hair). I've gone back to my original av here because it's shorter (avatars in SL tend to be taller than normal). The building is built to scale, so visitors need a real-life scaled avatar to move around inside it.

This is the Odeon of Pericles. It was the first roofed building dedicated to performance and abutted the Theatre of Dionysus, which is another Theatron build. These two theatres stood close to the Acropolis in Athens. You can get a glimpse here of the current version of my avatar and a friend whom I was showing around when I shot the machinima.
This is the Globe Theatre, the plans this is built from are those of the Globe as it would have stood in Shakespeare's time on the bank of the Thames in London. There are at least six different Globe theatres in Second Life, with a new one being built only a few months ago by the University of Derby. The Globe theatre is the most popular of the Theatron builds, due to the amount of teaching of Shakespeare in English Literature. Activities using the Theatron Globe Theatre are usually around looking at staging of Shakespeare's plays. The avatar is short Gann again, but wearing an Elizabethan costume (this one is known as the Raleigh). I bought the costume to attend the performance of the SL Shakespeare company, a performance troupe who perform at another Globe Theatre in Second Life.
* In case you're wondering, no there isn't really a Pompey-rabbit connection, this is a joke (lifted from Father Ted, actually).