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Rossana Espinoza



  • Experienced professional with a Doctorate in the field of e-Learning and Blended Learning.
  • Engaged and supported doctoral students and academic staff.
  • Developed e-learning and blended learning modules, activities and materials for a wide range of learners.
  • Managed and updated virtual learning environments (moodle, Blackboard, and in-house VLEs).
  • Introduced the use of e-portfolios, blogs, online forums, wikis, podcasts and video clips.
  • Initiated and maintained several networks for educational practice.
  • Managed communications with users via social media (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Experienced working with stakeholders within Higher Education institutions.

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I completed my PhD in Education at Warwick Institute of Education (WIE), University of Warwick, and passed my viva examination with very minor corrections in October 2011.

My thesis, titled “Can Information, Communication technologies (ICT) support a shift in the work of doctoral students towards a more networked and engaged model of conducting a doctorate?”, is an action research case study based at WIE, focusing in particular on (i) the mix of face-to-face initiatives and online support as well as (ii) the access to networking opportunities and information through e-learning initiatives.

My research focuses on introducing online support for doctoral researchers. I investigated how ICT can support a more networked and engaged practice amongst doctoral students. I conducted my research under the supervision of Dr Michael Hammond. I began my doctorate studies in October 2006 on a part-time basis and completed my studies in October 2011 on a full-time basis.

Please click here to access my PhD.

Alongside this work, I contributed as an association coordinator towards the development of Warwick Institute of Education Graduate Association (WIEGA), an association run by and for doctoral students at WIE. By this means, I supported the communications and promoted the use of ICT tools to support research amongst doctoral students at WIE.

Here I have included the publications from the PhD studies. I have also presented my research at some conferences. Here you can access the papers, posters and slides.

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