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Seminars 2008-2009

31 October Symposium (2008)-WIE doctoral students

21 November Seminar on Learning Theories (2008)-Professor David Wray

2 December Workshop on How ICT tools can support your research-part of the Study Skills programme- Rossana Espinoza


Seminars 2007-2008

30 May IAS funded Workshop: Beyond research methodologies: Exploring the potential of action research (AR) as a mechanism to develop human capital (2008)

14 March Symposium (2008)-WIE doctoral students

13 February Debate on the relationship between Theory and Practice (2008)

7 December What is a conceptual framework, theoretical framework? Are they necessary? (2007)

21 November Doctorateness Workshop. Seminar given by Professor Trafford (2007)

9 November Symposium (2007)-WIE doctoral students

10 October Working Papers 2006-2007 Launch & Distribution of WIEGA programme (2007)


Seminars 2006-2007

The role of Theory (guest speaker: Professor Stewart Ranson)

Technology in Education (un-chaired seminar)

Combining research and teaching (chaired by myself)

Theoretical framework(chaired by PhD candidate Ieda Santos)