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my research

Working Thesis Title: Investigating online support for doctoral students

I am interested in unveiling opportunities to support doctoral research with online resources. In particular I am looking at the ways doctoral students use ICT developments to support their work.

My study is based in the doctorate programme at the Institute of Education at University of Warwick and follows an action research approach to web development.

My project has a pragmatic side and this consists of developing a Research Degrees Website at Warwick Institute of Education

Themes and contributions

The themes of my research include research students’ use of ICT; their attitudes to online support and their experience of studying a doctorate in general. This study uses mixed methods including surveys, focus groups, interviews and an exploration of wider literature.

My research offers a valuable insight into the process of studying for a doctorate, highlighting opportunities and constraints in the use of ICT and possible paradoxes in students’ attitudes to their own development. It highlights some critical issues for support of research students in particular the role of a research supervisor. It offers a view of innovation as an iterative process.

* Other work I am involved is: 

In collaboration with other colleagues at Warwick I was awarded some funding (PhD Student Workshop Funding Competition 07-08) and organised a workshop: Beyond research methodologies on action research and its applications in Latin America (Institute of Advanced Study). I have also co-edited volume 4 of the working papers of the suminer group. Currently I am co-editing volume 5 (in press).



Main Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Hammond 

Director CeNTRE (Centre for New Technologies Research in Education)