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Research Methods

Methods of Data Collection

1. Questionnaires: The questionnaires has already been designed, piloted and sent to 150 schools in Cyprus (75 of them are primary schools and 75 are kindergarten schools). Until now I have received 80 responds with the use of prepaid envelopes.

2. Interviews of Key Individuals: Professors at Cypriot Universities that teach primary and pre-primary student teachers and people that participated in the writing of the books used today by teachers that teach natural sciences in Cyprus. The interviews are being designed at the moment and will most likely take place during April.

3. Observations of teachers while teaching specific subjects selected from the national curriculum for natural sciences and according to the questionnaires’ analysis.

4. Post-test and pre-test designed by the researchers and the teacher. They will take place at the beginning and at the end of the lesson (or number of lessons) that will be observed.

5. Teachers group interviews (focus groups): Two focus groups will take place; one with pre-primary teachers and one with first grade primary teachers. The possibility of student teachers to participate in these focus groups is considered.

(Ideas or suggestion on these are welcomed.)

The following pictures (or similar ones) are most likely to be used for the design of the pre-test and post-test and also during the teacher's interviews in order to identify children's and also teachers misconceptions.


The above pictures where retrievd from the following website: