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About Greece

About Greece - In brief

Victoria Hislop, an award winning British author and journalist for Sunday Telegraph, Daily Telegraph and Women and Home, has stayed in Greece (especially Crete) and hence has closely experienced Greek life and the Greeks. During the 2010 summer period of the economic crisis, she offers a different picture of them from the one presented by journalists, truly realistic to my experience as a Greek. In particular, she says:

"You know, I don't wish to sound overoptimistic, but what you get from Greece is the natural beauty, the landscape, the culture, and luckily, these are not related with finance. If you can sit in a cafe and drink with your friends a coffee or a beer, you can enjoy a better life quality. In Greece, you still smile, this made a good impression to me. You continue gathering around a table, talk with each other, enjoy yourselves - and this again is something not purchasable with money. Something different, beautiful, the sense of friendship, of the company."

The News, 28-29/08/10: 17

Interested site-readers can read her book The Island (a Number 1 Bestseller in the UK).


  • In Knossos, Crete the most ancient agricultural residence

Findings from the most ancient agricultural residence in Greece, and maybe in Europe too, which is dated between 7000 and 6400 BC, brought into light the investigations by the British School in Athens. The director of the School, Professor Morgan, presented this seminal discovery in the annual open meeting in the Archaeological Society, Athens. (2009)