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Nicola Kinnie


Hi, my name is Nicola Kinnie and I am studying for an MPhil/PhD in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, in Children’s Literature.

I studied for both my BA (graduating in 2004) and MA (graduating in 2006) in English Literature at Cardiff University, before coming to Warwick to start my MPhil/PhD in 2008.

Supervisors: Dr Christine Wilkie-Stibbs (Department of Education) and Professor Thomas Docherty

Mentor: Professor Jackie Labbe

Title: Landscapes and the Natural World in Contemporary Children’s Fantasy Literature: Pullman, Pratchett and Reeve.

Year started: 2008

Funding: Self-funded

Brief Summary of Research

My thesis examines the relationship between a selection of contemporary children’s fantasy literature and the landscapes depicted in this literature. Within the field of ecocriticism I examine the vastness of the ecocritical landscape, considering the usefulness and appropriateness of different definitions. I explore a variety of landscapes in this contemporary children’s fantasy literature including dreamscapes, inverted/rebellious landscapes, invented/other worldly landscapes and future-scapes. The texts I am working with are Philip Pullman’s ‘multiversal’ His Dark Materials, Philip Reeve’s ‘steampunk’ Mortal Engines quartet and a variety of Terry Pratchett’s parodic fantasy, in which landscapes are a significant narrative feature. I am examining these texts against the critical lens of ecocriticism as a key theoretical tool.

For a more detailed exploration of my thesis, please visit My Research and Bibliography.


Nicola Kinnie

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