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Conferences attended:

Deep into Nature: Ecology, Environment and Children's Literature – at Roehampton University, 15th November, 2008. Speakers included: Roni Natov, Peter Hunt, Michael Foreman, Michelle Paver and Susan Price. I attended presentations of the following papers:

• Steampowering the Silent Spring: New Ambivalences of 'Critical' Children's Literatures of Nature - Alice Bell, Imperial College

• Eco-citizens: What Would Urban Ecocriticism of Children’s Literature Unearth? - Jenny Bavidge, University of Greenwich

Place and Space in Children’s Literature – at the University of Oxford, Keble College, 27-28th March, 2009. Included a keynote speech by Philip Pullman, and confirmed speakers included Peter Hunt, Margaret Kean, Maria Nikolajeva and Farah Mendlesohn. The following papers were presented:

• Unstable Metaphors: Symbolic Spaces and Specific Places - Peter Hunt, Cardiff University

• Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials: Of Gardens, Biblical and Botanic - Margaret Kean, Oxford University

• “The stuff from which dreams are made”: George MacDonald’s Esoteric Spaces - Maria Nikolajeva, Cambridge University

I attended the following themed panels:


• City Stories, Urban Narratives: Children’s Literature in the Metropolis - Jenny Bavidge, University of Greenwich

The Lord of the Rings: An Environmental mythos for Our Times? - Alun Morgan, University of London

• Space, Environmental Justice and Belonging in Jenny Robson’s South African Young Adult Novel Savannah 2116 AD - Elzette Steenkamp, Rhodes University

Mental Landscapes: Remembered/Historical Spaces

• A Prison in the Mind: Memory, Identity, and the Visual Rhetoric of Discipline - Sean Corbin, University of California, Riverside

• Children Are All Soldiers Here: The ‘Infant Republic’, the Child Soldier, and the Rhetoric of Southern School Books, 1861-1865 - Penny Tucker, Case Western Reserve University

• Revisiting Childhood Landscapes: from Druid’s Grove to Narnia - Alison Waller, Roehampton University

Mental Landscapes: Imagined Spaces

• The Places of Exile: Mourning and the Maternal in Adolescent Memoir (revised title: - The Places of Exile: Mourning and Overlapping) - Amy Boesky, Boston College

• Fashioning Self, Negotiating (The) Place, in The Dreamhunter Duet - Ruth Feingold, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

• What is Bookland? Exploring a Place and Space of Children’s Reading - Margot Stafford, University of Pittsburgh