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Peter Spratley - ePortfolio

I completed my PhD at the University of Warwick in early 2009. My research and teaching focuses on literature of the Romantic period, and in particular the life and work of William Wordsworth. In the current academic year, I am lecturing on the Romantic and Victorian Poetry module at Warwick, and I am organising a one day conference to be held in May 2010 (see below). For my CV, follow the link to the left.

About My Research

Department: English and Comparative Literature Studies

Supervisor: Dr. Michael John Kooy

Second Supervisor: Professor Jonathan Bate

PhD Thesis - Wordsworth’s Sonnet Corpus

My thesis is a study of Wordsworth as sonneteer, and seeks to re-evaluate the poet’s career by positing the body of over 500 sonnets as an ‘alternate corpus’, that should be read alongside, but distinct from, the established Prelude / Excursion-centric career. I do this by analysing how Wordsworth used the sonnet for different purposes throughout his writing life, and I argue that the miscellaneous nature of many of his sonnets creates an unselfconscious biography. I also reconsider traditional interpretations of Wordsworth’s influences, and focus on the role played by his late eighteenth-century sonneteering contemporaries in shaping his voice.

Year Started: 2004

Submitted: October 2008

Awarded: February 2009

Conference Planning:

I am currently independently organising, with the financial support of the University of Warwick Humanities Research Centre and the Midlands Romantic Seminar, a one-day interdisciplinary conference to be held at Warwick on 12 May 2010, entitled ‘Romantic Walking: Representation and Experience’. The purpose of the conference is to investigate the cultural, literary, historical and psychological significance of pedestrian travel in the Romantic period, an era in which a particular walking aesthetic first emerged. More details can be found at:




Peter Spratley

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