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Clotilde Giner


I have recently completed a PhD at the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER), University of Warwick. I took my first degree in Politics and European Studies at Sciences Po Lille in France and the University of Münster in Germany. I then completed an MSc in Forced Migration at the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University, where I was funded by the Entente Cordiale Scholarship. My research interests include: Immigration, asylum and integration policies in the EU, social movements, child welfare and education policies (in particular those relating to ethnic minority and migrant children).


Thesis title: The contentious politics of childhood and asylum: social mobilisations and collective action around foreign minors in France and Britain

Migrant and asylum-seeking children have increasingly become the focus of research in France and the UK. In parallel, increased research has been undertaken on pro- and anti-migrant coalitions and movements in both countries. However this latter set of studies has consistently focused on issues relating to adult migrants, thus mentioning children only marginally. This academic gap is especially striking in a context of increased advocacy for migrant children since the end-1990s/early 2000. Aiming to fill this gap, this comparative research focuses on social mobilisation and collective action in support of foreign minors threatened with deportation in France and the UK since the late-1990s. In particular, it considers the extent to which children are ‘used’ for strategic purposes in a context of declining support for adult migrants, i.e. representing a strategic altruism, or whether mobilisation for foreign minors can be considered as a form of ‘bounded’ altruism concerned with children only.

Supervisors: Prof Danièle Joly (Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations)

Year started: 2006
Year completed: 2010

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Vice-Chancelor’s Initiative for Academic Investment

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Clotilde Giner

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