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Extracurricular Activity

I have many interests and hobbies that may not necessarily be directly research related, but expands upon my me as a person and therefore the type of researcher I am. Below you will find several of my interests and hobbies.

Game development

Lap of the Gods: A student racing game
Role: Project Lead, Co-Level designer, Sound/Music Director


Lap of the Gods was a student racing game project I started at the end of my BSc degree along with nine other computer graphics students. The game essentially became a technology demonstration of what the group was capable of producing within a time frame of apprx. 3-4 weeks. Although the game never went past the Alpha stage of software development due to time constraints, it was never indended to become a complete product, but serve only a demonstration. In the end it became a useful experience, some of whom got job offers from. I was the project lead designer, co-level designer and the sound/music director of the game.


Published literature (non-research related)

I love reading and writing poetry. Summer 2007 I published an English poetry book in Norway. I consider T. S. Eliot, Dante Alighieri and Ernest Hemingway to be major influences of mine.

Title: "Paradoxical, Savage and Tender"(Image file)
Printed: July 2007
ISBN: 82-303-0261-8
Sample 1: Deft Inertia(PDF Document)
Sample 2: Carpe Diem, Carpe Nocturne(PDF Document)
Sample 3:
Gondola(PDF Document)


In addition to game development and poetry writing, I also enjoy composing and playing music. See my PureVolume account for more information and to download a few of my songs.