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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jassim Happa
Nationality: Norwegian
Age: 24
Current Status: Full-time PhD Student, Warwick Digital Laboratory, University of Warwick, UK

Research Interests
- Computer: -Graphics, -Security, -Games and -Audio Manipulation
- Visual Perception
- Mathematics and Physics Simulations
- Presence in Virtual Environments

Educational Background
(Note: Copy of References/Diplomas are available upon request)
- Conscript in the Norwegian Defence (2006-2007)
- BSc in Computing Science, University of East-Anglia (2003-2006)
- 6th Form: Valler Videregående Skole, Almennfag. Majored in Mathematics, Physics, English and Philosophy (2000-2003)

Work Experience
- Computer Security Analyst for the Norwegian Defence, 2006-2007

- Norwegian - Fluent
- English - Fluent
- French - 2 years

Other Experiences
- Member of The Staff/Student Liaison Committee & The School Board at the University of East-Anglia (UEA) (Reference #1(PDF Document))
- 3rd place for presenting my 3rd Year BSc project at the IEE Younger Members Papers Evening at the UEA (Reference #2(PDF Document))
- Concrete (UEA newspaper) - Position: Chief Photographer, 2005-2006

Computer Programming
- C/C++
- OpenGL
- Java
- Matlab
- Maple
- Javascript/HTML

Computer Software
- 3DS Max
- Maya
- Photoshop
- SoundForge/Goldwave

Other interests
- Photography
- Creative Writing
- Music Composing/Mixing
    Jassim Happa
    Warwick Digital Lab.
    Visualisation Group
    University of Warwick
    CV4 7AL, UK
    Research Blog


    Download PDF
    - Curriculum Vitae (PDF Document)
    - #1 - 2003-2006 (PDF Document)
    - #2 - March 2006 (PDF Document)
    - References such as grade transcripts are available upon request

    Appendices links
    - Kiti model renders
    - Kiti model video
    - UEA model renders
    - UEA model video