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Undergraduate Degree

BSC in Biological Sciences Hons

Laura at graduation 2005 

I joined the University of Birmingham in September 2002 and was awarded an honours degree (BSc) in Biological Sciences (class 2 division 1) in June 2005.

The course provided me with practical and theoretical skills relating to modern biology, studying animals, plants and microorganisms, from their genes and cells to how they interact in the surrounding environment.

Level 1

Core Modern Biology Modules

  • Animal Diversity and Behaviour
  • Biology of Differentiated Cells
  • Biology of the Higher Plant
  • Environmental Biology
  • Essential Cell Biology
  • Gene, Genomes and Heredity
  • Introduction to Evolution
  • Microbiology
  • Molecules of Life
  • Physiology and Development
  • Skills for Biosciences
Level 2

Specialist Subject Modules

  • Core Skills
  • Ecology
  • Evolution
  • Molecular Biology
  • Animal Biology: from Molecule to Environment
  • Plant Biology: from Molecule to Environment

Level 3

Specialist Subject Modules and Project

  • Conservation Biology
  • Human Reproductive Biology and Early Development
  • Integrative Whole-organism Biology
  • Plant Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Principles of Cell Proliferation
  • Literature review: The Physiology of Mesozoic Reptiles

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Graduation 2005


Graduation 2005


Graduation 2005


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