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Current Data

As the current findings have not yet been published this page will be limited in detail. To request further information please contact Laura Atkinson.

Completed Research 
  • Post harvest discolouration has been induced in a lettuce diversity set and the F7 mapping parents have showed differences for the discolouration responses and overall discolouration.
    Discolouration Data Graphs
    Mapping Parents within lettuce genepool; parents highlighted in red, other genotypes not labelled for data protection

    • A new lettuce map based on 125 F7 recombinant inbred lines has been created using Cos and AFLP markers, resulting in 9 linkage groups.
    • A new quantitative scoring system for pinking has been developed for leaf discs.
    Leaf Discs
    Saladin Iceberg
    Lettuce 5mm leaf discs