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Industrial Visits

Visits to Industry Related to Crop Production


Genome Centre

UC Davis Genome Centre, 15th January - 18th March 2009, CA, USA
The purpose of this visit was to utilise new technologies at UC Davis for mass genotyping. New markers were developed and ran for the F7 Sal x Ice lettuce mapping population and candidate genes for discolouration were identified and the mapping process began. The Genome Centre at UC Davis is classed as the world leading lab in it's field.
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 Bagged lettuce
Emmett UK, Bakkavörs Wingland Foods and Tilmanstone Factory, 13-14th November 2008, Lincs and Kent, UK 
The purpose of this visit was to observe leafy vegetable processing on an industrial scale in a commercial environment. Emmett UK is a grower and supplier of fresh vegetables, with the Lincs facilities primarily focused on processing and packing spinach and kale. Both Wingland Foods and Tilmanstone Factory are ran by The Bakkavör Group, providing multiple supermarkets and solely Marks and Spencers respectively.
Rijk Zwaan, 14th-29th September 2008, Fijnaart, The Netherlands
The purpose of this visit was to analyse the field trial grown by Rijk Zwaan. The F8 (generation) Sal x Ice lettuce population were grown, cut, bagged, stored and analysed as in the UK. The data collected during this trial could then be compared to the data collected in the UK trial and any differences or similarities observed. If the data is similar between the varieties across countries it would suggest that the performance is due to genetics, however if there are differences it would suggest that it is due to the environment.
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Field Crop
JEPCO Growers, Bakkavörs Bourne Salads, 28th August 2008, Lincolnshire, UK
The purpose of this visit was to observe lettuce production and processing on an industrial scale in a commercial environment. JEPCO grows speciality lettuce and onion products, including red batavia, sweet gem and radicchio. Whilest Bakkavör Group is a leading international food manufacturing company specialising in prepacked salads. It has some of the UK's largest processing machinery, producing traditional and modern salad types and often work in conjunction with JEPCO for their raw produce and supply stores including Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons.
Tomatoes from nursery
British Sugar plc., 8th October 2007, Norfolk , UK
The purpose of this visit was to observe crop production on an industrial scale in a commercial environment. British Sugar is the UK's leading sugar supplier and provides over half the UK's sugar, in addition to supplying export markets, all using the sustainable crop sugar beet. It is also the largest salad tomato grower providing for supermarkets through Cornerways Nursery. Both work in collaboration; carbon dioxide (a factory by-product) is pumped into the nursery glasshouse where it is re-used by the plants instead of being released into the atmosphere.
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Rijk Zwaan in Fijnaart
Rijk Zwaan, 4-5th October 2007, Fijnaart, The Netherlands 
Rijk Zwaan are the Industrial sponsor for the CASE award PhD and the purpose of this visit was to discuss the annual progress of the project. A seminar was given by both parties to examine present research and potential opportunities for collaboration and materials. Breeders also explained the process of developing new varieties, their promotion and sale.
See images from Rijk Zwaan 2007