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Personal Information

I have a variety of different activities/hobbies in which I engage with varying degrees of enthusiasm depending on where I am and how much free time I have at my disposal.


I am an avid hiker and rock climber, I am basically up for anything involving these two outdoor activities. During my studies in Cape Town I spent a good proportion of my weekends hanging off rock faces in the Western Cape region and when I got the chance I would also be off hiking in the Chimanimani mountains or the giant granite batholiths of Murehwa back home in Zimbabwe.


I have been very interested in bonsai for over twelve years now. During this time I have accumulated fair collection (ranging in the early hundreds) of bonsai material both exotic and species indigenous to Zimbabwe where my collection is left in safe hands. Much of the material I am in the process of training is Yamadori (trees from the wild) often collected on a hiking trip. Originally I set about mastering the horticultural aspects of this fascinating pastime but more recently I have been focusing on refining my knowledge on the various artistic aspects that need to be considered to create an acceptable tree.



Gonna have to get my feet wet


Climbing Silver Rainbow