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Lisa Petermann (nee Grant)- ePortfolio

Academic Profile

  • Bachelor of Science, Hons. Kinesiology University of Western Ontario (2000)
  • Bachelor of Arts, major in History University of Ottawa (2002)
  • Masters of Arts, French Medical History University of Ottawa (2003)
  • PhD. Candidate, Comparative Medical History University of Warwick (2007)

Supervisors: Professor Colin Jones. Professor Hilary Marland

Department: Centre for the History of Medicine

The Development of Pediatrics in France and England, 1760-1882

'We know nothing of childhood; and with our mistaken notions the further we advance the further we go astray.'

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Émile (1762).

I am interested in merging medical history and the history of childhood, to examine the medical process surrounding childhood illness, and the subsequent effect instruments, institutions and education had on that process. What is a child? What role did mothers play in the health of their children? How did physicians interact with their young patients? How did children feel about sickness and the medical men who treated them? The focus of my PhD research is a comparative study of the child's medical encounter in France and England, from the publication of Émile (1762) to the passing of the Education Acts (1882), with a sub-theme examining the education and subsequent professionalization of physicians who worked with children to reveal the growth of a specialized discipline.

Estimated Date of Completion: June 30, 2007.

Funding: Warwick Post-Graduate Research Fellowship, Overseas Research Award, Wellcome Trust Research Expense Grant



E-58 Rootes Residence, Tutor

University of Warwick

Coventry, Warwickshire


United Kingdom

(44) 02476523573