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I believe that attending conferences is a vital part of academic work. I have undertaken to attend, and where possible present, at a minimum of two conferences per year during my doctoral studies. The list below details my invovlement in the wider academic world.

Upcoming Conferences


Society for the History of Childhood and Youth: Bi-annual Conference

'In the Name of the Child' : The Social and Cultural History of Children and Youth

June 27-30, Linkoping, Sweden

Accepted Paper: Institutions and Innovations: The Development of Paediatrics in England and France, 1762-1832


Conferences at which I Have Presented


 Society for the Social History of Medicine Annual Conference

Practices and Representations of Health: Historical Perspectives Warwick University, United Kingdom

Paper Presented: From a Cough to a Coffin: examining the mother-doctor relationship and its role in child health, 1762-1882.



Colloque International GRAAT

Histoires d’enfant, histoires d’enfance [Stories for children, histories of childhood] Université de Tours, France

Paper Presented: Inside the Nursery: child perceptions of medical practitioners in England and France, 1762-1882.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Annual Conference

University of York, United Kingdom

Paper Presented: Pig Killers vs. Paediatricians: Child Perceptions of Medical Practitioners in England 1762-1870.



Other Conferences I have Attended


British Society for the History of Paediatrics and Child Health, Annual Conference

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


University of Warwick History Graduate Conference

Session Chair: Power and Community



University of Warwick Arts Faculty Interdisciplinary Conference

Session Chair


Seminar Series I have attended


University of Warwick Centre for the History of Medicine, Seminar Series

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

University of Birmingham Centre for the History of Medicine, Seminar Series



Institute of Historical Research, Seminar Series

London, United Kingdom

Growing up in France: An Autobiographical Perspective