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English as a Second Language


In October, 2000 I accepted a teaching position in Tokyo with NOVA Group Inc., the largest employer of foreign nationals in Japan. I spent the next year teaching English as a Second language to a broad demographic of students: children [aged 3-12], teenagers, business men, housewives, and retired individuals. Over the course of the year I learned how to create a fun and interesting cross-cultural exchange in an innovative educational format for my students. The experience was extremely satisfying and I returned to Japan in 2002 for another one year contract, this time in a much more rural setting. Shortly after taking up my second contract I was tasked with setting up a new school, where most of the students spoke very little, if any English. One such student who during my time at the school advanced to a stage where he could hold basic conversations with a native speaker described my influence on his decision to learn English as:

I hesitated about starting learning the English three years ago. But Lisa helped me decided it. She brought an atmosphere of fun at the English classes.


She could socialize with someone at once and she have ardor of teaching. I think it is a gift of a teacher. Of course I was always happy to learning English by her grace.


I absolutely believe she was born to be teacher.


Youichi Kuno