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Western Europe 5th-15th Century

Module Description

Introduction to medieval history, from the barbarian invasions to the Age of Discovery. Origins and development of political, economic and social structures of the Western World.


Dr. Kouky Fianu, University of Ottawa [Canada]

Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Medieval Studies Program

Lisa Grant served as my teaching assistant during the fall of 2002 for a survey of Western Medieval History (5th-15th century). She demonstrated a real professional approach toward it, embracing the job with enthusiasm and much curiosity. She attended classes, did the readings, selected the topics of one of the papers prescribed to students, and marked the exams following my instructions. Her comments to students were constructive and helpful, and she did produce the grades in a timely fashion. I have rarely found an assistant as genuinely involved as she was, given that Medieval history was not her specialty. Since then, Lisa has had the chance to develop her skills as a teacher, but already at that time she had demonstrated all the qualities required to be a successful professor. I am convinced she will be a dedicated mentor to any student, and a very agreeable colleague to any Department that will hire her.