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Lydia Plath - Other Research Interests

I am also interested in death and mortality in the nineteenth-century United States, in particular methods of execution, and the treatment of executed bodies after death. This links to my current research on lynching rituals, which I would like to study further. Related to this, I am interested in the 'othering' of the bodies of ethnic minorities and the way that racial characteristics were portrayed in this period.

I hope to be able to link this research to that of other members of the History Department, particularly those in the Centre for the History of Medicine, for example Dr. Tim Lockley, Prof. Hilary Marland, and Molly Rogers. I attended the History of Medicine Summer School on 'Medicine and New Media' this year in order to develop this research further.



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History Department

University of Warwick



United Kingdom




Dr. Tim Lockley


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Mississippi Department of Archives and History