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Vent'anni nel '77


This programme aims at giving an impression of the generation of 1977. The interviewees talk about their dreams, their fears, their myths and their ideals about society, family, love, but also about the books they read, the movies they watched, the songs they listened to.

26/11 Marco Baliani, actor
27/11 Cristina Comencini, author / filmmaker
28/11 Marco Belpoliti, essayist / university teacher
29/11 Roberto Romei, lawyer university teacher
30/11 Paola Mastrocola, author
3/12 Riccardo Iacona, journalist
4/12 Ignazio Marino, senator / surgeon
5/12 Francesca Corrao, teacher in Arab language and literature at the Univ. Orientale di Napoli
- 6/12 Marco Lodoli, author
7/12 Guido Dotti, Monaco Monastero di Bose
10/12 Felice Casson, magistrate
11/12 Gianni Dessì, artist
12/12 Marzia Barbera, university teacher
13/12 Marco Tarchi, university teacher
- 14/12 Marco Paolini, actor
17/12/ Eraldo Affinati, author
18/12 Milena Gabanelli, journalist
19/12 Stenio Solinas, journalist
20/12 Tonino Acclavio, employee
21/12 Tano D'Amico, photographer