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Vent'anni nel '68

20 anni nel

How is 1968 remembered by those that were in their twenties at the time? This is one of the questions at the heart of these radio interviews, recorded in 2007 and which analyse the dreams, the plans and the ideals of a generation, bringing back to life the images, emotions and ideas that have survived in the collective memory of that generation. A self-portrait of a generation, which comes to terms with its own past, 40 years later.

3/3 Edmondo Berselli
4/3 Ritanna Armeni
5/3 Massimiliano Fuksas
6/3 Wilma Labate
7/3 Ferdinando Scianna
10/3 Guido Viale
11/3 Anna Bonaiuto
12/3 Mimmo Paladino
13/3 GianPiero Mughini
14/3 Philippe Daverio
17/3 Ottavia Piccolo
18/3 Antonio Pennacchi
19/3 Luisa Passerini
20/3 Shel Shapiro
21/3 Franco Cordelli
24/3 Don Vincenzo Paglia
25/3 Riccardo Di Segni
26/3 Chiara Sereni
27/3 Giorgio Cremaschi
28/3 Lucia Annunziata