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Dossier 1977

Dossier 1977
Between drama and hope. Terrorism and new forms of communication

1977 is an extremely contraddictory year, marked on the one hand by the escalation of terroristic violence, on the other hand by the proliferation of constructive and creative initiatives such as the so-called Free radios. On this website you will find a chronology and various videos dealing with incidents that have occurred in 1977.

La luna e il dito. Il 1977 a Bologna e in Italia

This documentary by Amedeo Ricucci deals with the case of Bologna, a popular university town in the Centre-North, where 1977 left a special mark. In general, 1977 is the follow-up of the protests of 1968, as well as the beginning of the most difficult and cruel phase of the 'leaden years'. Radicals belonging to opposed political groupings frequently clash in the Italian piazze, bringing together both students and more violent autonomous groups, thus complicating the task of the police forces.

In Bologna however, recurrence to violence is less common, and instead the student movement uses the weapon of irony and fantasy to express its dissent.


Click here to listen to a radio interview on Ricucci's documentary. (Audio clip)


La luna e il dito. Il 1977 a Bologna e in Italia (Word Document)

Diari del '77. Viaggio attraverso i ricordi (Word Document)

I cento fiori. 1976 - '77: l'Italia delle radio libere (Word Document)

Meraviglioso urbano. 1977 - 2007: trent'anni di Estate Romano (Word Document)

Morire di politica. Violenza e opposti estremismi nell'Italia degli anni '70 (Word Document)