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1968 podcasts

Session 1 (Audio clip)

Prof. Robert Gildea (Oxford): The personal and the political in the oral testimony of French 1968 activists

Dr. Juliane Fürst (Bristol): What makes a hippie? Language, identity and memory in interviews with former Soviet hippies

Moderated by Dr. Andrea Hajek (Warwick)

Session 2 (Audio clip)

Dr. Bruno Bonomo (Rome, La Sapienza): ‘Presa della parola’. Reconsidering Oral History and 1968 in Italy.

Moderated by dr. Sofia Serenelli-Messenger (Reading)

Session 3 (Audio clip)

Celia Hughles (Warwick): Negotiating ungovernable spaces between the personal and the political: the role of oral history in accessing the inner world of Britain's left activists in the 1960s and 1970s

Joseph Maslen (Sheffield Hallam): Passerini’s ‘Italy, 1968’ and the Auto/biography of Britain’s Thirties Generation

Moderated by Prof. Gerd-Rainer Horn (Warwick)

Session 4 (Audio clip)

Dr. Sofia Serenelli-Messenger (Reading): 'Private' 1968 and the 'margins' - 1968 in the Italian province.

Moderated by Dr. Bruno Bonomo (Rome, La Sapienza)

Round-table discussion with Dr. Jennifer Burns (Warwick) and Prof. Gerd-Rainer Horn (Warwick)

1968 seminar photo

1968 seminar photo 2