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Curriculum Vitae

I am currently a Postgraduate Research and Teaching Fellow with the Warwick Law School. I have a strong commitment to teaching and practice development and have had excellent opportunities to teach a variety of law modules. I am currently a seminar leader on the undergraduate Tort Law module. In 2006/07 - 2007/08 I taught Contract Law and Tort Law in the "Basic Techniques of the Common Law" module. From March 2004 - July 2006, I was a sessional Lecturer and Seminar Tutor at Griffith University, Australia where I taught on the Jurisprudence, Introduction to Legal Theory, Contract and Civil Obligations, Equity, Public Law and Property Law modules at the undergraduate level. In Term 1, 2006 I was appointed Convenor of the postgraduate module 'Introduction to Legal Systems' at Griffith. In 2005, I was the convenor of the "Offices Program" (Workshop sessions simulating real-world legal environments) for Contract and Civil Obligations on the Gold Coast Campus.

I have extensive research experience through my own individual research projects (LLM, MA, and currently, PhD), as well as in the role of Research Assistant within Griffith Law School and the Commonwealth Ombudsman (Qld Office, Aus). My research, as both independent scholar and assistant, has canvassed a wide range of topics within, and across, a variety of disciplines including law, political and moral philosophy, sociology, anthropology, historical and popular cultural studies, literature and even biology and ecology. Examples of my research skills include: high knowledge of databases and defining search criteria; case law location; analysis of field data; and literature reviews.

Since joining Warwick, I have taken on a number of exciting and demanding projects in addition to my post. In 2008, I was appointed Assistant Editor on the Dictionary of Law (Webb (ed), 2009, Penguin). I was also the sole Refugee Law contributor to this reference work. In 2009, I undetook the role of Copy-Editor on the book 'International Economic Law, Globalization and Developing Countries' (Faundez and Tan (eds), forthcoming, Edward Elgar Press). This position required me to copy-edit each chapter, liaise and consult with the individual contributors and editors, and find key references in the compilation of the book's collated bibliography. I have also reviewed material for the UK Centre for Legal Education to be used in their e-Toolkit for new law teachers to higher education.

In addition to these posts, I have also co-written and presented Introduction to Law sessions with the Pathways to Law outreach programme at Warwick University. This widening participation programme provides opportunities for students from under-represented backgrounds to pursue careers in law. I also have experience as an ITAS (Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme) Tutor with the Gumurri Centre at Griffith University from 2004 - 2006.

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