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A collaborative forray into undergraduate publishing


Collaborators: Dr Cath Lambert (Department of Sociology), Dr Cath Hanley (Department of Sociology), Ms Caroline Gibson (Department of Politics and International Studies).

Book chapter for Jenkins L & Little S (eds). Beyond Consultation: Developing staff-student partnerships in learning and teaching development and research.

Undergraduate participation in research is an increasingly popular area of staff-student collaboration. This reflects a growing ambition within higher education to bring together ‘teaching’ and ‘research’ so that students can actively produce knowledge instead of simply receiving information from ‘experts’.
Our chapter seeks to draw selectively upon the intellectual traditions and progressive pedagogies encompassed by the Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research in order to engage critically with issues of collaboration. In particular, the radical critique of traditional pedagogic methods developed by educators such Paulo Freire (1970) and Jacques Rancière (1971) provides a framework for thinking though the challenges and possibilities of collaborative practice involving students and staff across diverse subject areas and institutions. In addition, the chapter will explore the ways in which undergraduates can connect research and learning to become productive collaborators in the research culture of their institutions.