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Popular Press Publications

Feature Articles
  • Making the Most of the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund. The Warwick Boar, 13th December 2006. Article.
  • The Spy who Employed Me. The Warwick Boar, 17th January 2007. Article.
  • To Sell or Not to Sell: That is the Question. The Warwick Boar, 4th February 2007. Article.
  • A New Type of Weekend Job. The Warwick Boar, 28th February 2007. Article.
  • Volunteering on Campus. The Warwick Boar, 2nd May 2007. Article.
  • On the Right Side of the Law. The Warwick Boar, 8th May 2007. Article.
  • On the Path to Discovery. The Warwick Boar, 26th June 2007.
  • Two Centuries of Abortion Law Reform – Not Enough? Obiter Dicta, 7(2);4-6. Article.
  • Doctors and the Death Penalty. studentBMJ July 15;257-292 (with Mark Bratton). Article.
  • How Healthy is Our NHS? Assumptions, 14;9.
  • The Limitations of DNA Evidence in Criminal Trials. Obiter Dicta 7(3);8-9.
  • Living for the Dying. studentBMJ September 15;293-336. Interview.
  • The Cost of Stubbing Out Cigarettes. Assumptions.
  • Having a Crack at Journalism. The Warwick Boar, 3rd October 2007.
  • Staying on for a PhD. The Warwick Boar, 20th October 2007.
  • Is there a doctor in the house? The Warwick Boar, 5th December 2007.
  • Student debt: a thing of the past? The Warwick Boar, February 2008.
  • Cutting down the Laws of Armed Conflict. Obiter Dicta, March 2008 (with Mina Aletrari).
  • An Autobiographical Sketch. Telicom.
  • Misuse of the aesthetic? The threat of fiction to scholarship. Telicom.
  • Taming the 'flu' virus. Journal of Young Investigators 18(2), February 2008. Article.
  • Scientific breakthroughs of 2007. Journal of Young Investigators 18(1), January 2008 (with Wear E, Tsao H, Griffin-Smith B & Ghatalia P [eds.]). Article.


News Articles
  • Hepatitis A Virus Yields Clues About How Pathogens Survive in the Liver. Journal of Young Investigators, 29th April 2007. Article.
  • Race Only Skin Deep in Colorectal Cancer Survival. Journal of Young Investigators, 10th May 2007. Article.
  • Newspapers Lend Support to Organ Donation. Journal of Young Investigators, 7th July 2007. Article.
  • Osteoarthritis Slows Recovery Following Knee Arthroscopy. Journal of Young Investigators, 22nd July 2007. Article.
  • Lymph Nodes Hold Clues to Esophageal Cancer Recovery. Journal of Young Investigators, 25th July 2007. Article.
  • Natural Selection Saves Majestic Butterfly. Journal of Young Investigators, 30th July 2007. Article.
  • Gene Regulation is Missing Link. Journal of Young Investigators, 20th August 2007. Article.
  • Pregnancy Nightmares. Journal of Young Investigators, 6th September 2007. Article.
  • Schizophrenia Genes Favoured by Natural Selection. Journal of Young Investigators, 25th September 2007. Article.
  • Too Much Sleep Can Kill. Journal of Young Investigators, 10th October 2007. Article.
  • A Memory of Neurobiology. Journal of Young Investigators, 17th November 2007. Article.
  • Paramedics Take Heat From Emergency Departments. Journal of Young Investigators, 20th November 2007. Article.
  • More Than Just a Bump on the Head. Journal of Young Investigators, 1st February 2008. Article.



Articles In Print or Under Consideration
  • Born Without Hope? Children and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • John Radcliffe Hospital Trauma Unit. I Know What You Did Last Summer.