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Louise R. Bailey

Welcome to Louise R. Bailey's ePortfolio.

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the Department of Physics, University of Warwick studying the electronic, optical and structural properties of indium nitride (InN) and related alloys. I have a MPhys (1st Class) in mathematics and physics, with placement at CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory, from the University of Bath. I am also a member of both the Semiconductor Physics group and the Thin Films and Surfaces group within the Institute of Physics. For more information about myself please view the rest of my ePortfolio and also my website, or if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

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About Myself:

I started my Ph.D. studying physics in the Surface, Interface & Thin Film group supervised by Prof. Chris F. McConville at the University of Warwick in July 2007. During these three years I will be studying the surface and bulk electrical, optical and structural properties of highly mismatched semiconductor compounds (HMC), in particular indium nitride (InN) and related alloys. Further details of my research can be found on my research page, a summary of the skills I have learnt and experiences I have had during my Ph.D. can be found under my Ph.D. experiences section, a list of my published work with links to the PDFs can be found under publications and the conferences, seminars and colloquia that I have attended are listed in the conferences attended section, with PDF links to my presentation slides or poster where relevant. Also whilst I am at the University of Warwick I am teaching in the undergraduate laboratories, more details can be found in my teaching section.

Louise R. Bailey (photographed by Nathan Barrow and Alex Davies)

Prior to my Ph.D., in October 2003 I started studying for my MPhys mathematics and physics with placement [at STFC Daresbury Laboratory, previously known as CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory] at the University of Bath. In my fourth year I undertook a project called "The interaction of a tapered optical fibre with a mirror" supervised by Prof. Jonathan Knight and Prof. Tim Birks. I spent my third year on a physics placement at STFC Daresbury Laboratory, previously known as CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory, working on "High ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy", developing techniques which are surface sensitive and allow the atomically clean sample to be investigated at pressures higher than ultra high vacuum. Further details on my past experiences, employment, skills, and hobbies can be found under my personal development section and a PDF of my generalized C.V. can be found under my curriculum vitae section. Lastly any news about myself can viewed under the news section of my website.

About My Ph.D.:

Thesis Title: Electrical, Optical and Structural Properties of Indium Nitride and Related Alloys

Started Ph.D. in: July 2007

Supervisor: Prof. Chris F. McConville

Research Group: Surface, Interface & Thin Film group

Department: Physics

University: University of Warwick

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

About My Research:

The central focus of my work is investigating the electronic, optical, and structural properties of highly mismatched semiconductor compounds (HMC). Electron and optical spectroscopies are being used to study the surface and bulk properties of InN, ternary nitrides (InGaN and InAlN) and related alloys. InN is a highly mismatched compound, there is a large size and electro-negativity difference between the cation and anion, which gives rise to many extreme properties of InN. For example, InN has a narrow band gap (~0.7 eV), a high propensity toward n-type conductivity and exhibits an intense electron accumulation layer at the surface. The band gap of the ternary alloy InGaN is therefore now known to span from the near infrared of InN to the ultra-violet of GaN, thus enabling the entire optical window to be encompassed by a single material system. For these reasons, InN and related alloys have recently attracted considerable attention and there has been a huge increase in the number of investigations performed on InN and related alloys.

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About My ePortfolio:

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About My Website:

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If you require further information, have any questions or suggestions, or wish to collaborate with me, then please contact L dot R dot Bailey at warwick dot ac dot uk.

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Louise R. Bailey

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Louise R. Bailey
Department of Physics
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road

Tel: +44 2476 524654

Email: L dot R dot Bailey at warwick dot ac dot uk
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