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My Research

This is constantly under-development but please use the links below to navigate to the different research projects and see what is currently available.

  • URSS summer research project "A Solid State NMR Investigation into Polymorphism in the Indomethacin Molecule. - Probing Inter-molecular Interactions between Spins". Click here

  • Final year research project "An investigation into MnSb growth onto different semiconductor substrates". Click here
Thin films of epitaxial MnSb have been grown, by molecular beam epitaxy, on Sb terminated semiconductor substrates of Ge(001) and GaAs(001). RHEED data indicates a growth plane of MnSb with the c axis aligned parallel to the surface for Ge(001), whereas for GaAs(001), a growth plane of (1-101) was found, in agreement with other studies on this surface. RHEED patterns were isotropic in the 0° and 90° azimuths, which may be an indication of double domain growth. XPS and Hall Effect data were used to analyze the film content and while indicating the presence of MnSb on the Ge sample, suggest the presence of metallic Sb at or near the surface for the GaAs sample. AFM images of the two samples show islanding of MnSb (radius ≈ 30 nm) on Ge(001) and a rough surface of MnSb on GaAs(001) with no evidence of islanding which is supported by RHEED transmission features and contradicts previous studies of GaAs‐MnSb growth. Growth on a Si(001) sample was unsuccessful because a good Si(001) surface reconstruction was not realized using an ion bombard, anneal treatment.


    Stern Gerlach exp.

    Stern-Gerlach Experiment

    (3rd Year Labs)


    500 MHz Bruker wide bore

    solid state NMR spectrometer.


    Michelson interferometer

    interference Pattern

    (3rd Year Labs)