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Magnusson Upgrade

In order to complete the research project, numerous upgrades needed to be made to Magnesson. These are detailed below;

1) 2 K-cells were fitted to the cluster flange to enable to deposition of Sb and Mn onto the surface.

2) The Ion Gun was moved from the cluster flange to another port to accomodate the k-cells - This meant that the gas line had to be replaced and re-routed.

3) The ion gauge for the main chamber was removed and the filament changed.

4) The manipulator was removed and checked over. Some wires were re-routed so as not to interfere with the LEED assembly

5) The LEED rig was replaced with a retractable rig so the LEED system could be moved out of the way during deposition.


Magnusson upgrade

Further problems ensued as a result of the upgrades (and vacuum elves) including a blown filament (used to anneal the sample by radiatitative heating), a blown capacitor on the LEED screen high voltage board and a faulty flexy pipe in the gas line, discovered using a leak detector. (The leak detector consists of a He mass spectrometer attached to the exhaust of a turbo pump. The turbo pump is used to rough the chamber whilst He is blown over the outside of different components using a He gun untill the concentration of He in the mass spec increases, indicating the presence of a leak.)

The chamber was vented for a second time to fix the aformentioned problems. At the same time the hammer spring on the loading arm was replaced to counteract the sample drop rate which had been exponentially increasing with time.