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Daniel Busbridge

My main interests in physics are the fundamental forces: the electroweak and strong interactions, and (particularly) gravitation. The uniting of these forces into a single action is something I find particularly appealing, and is a research field I would like to contribute to in the future. I am planning to apply to MScs and PhDs dealing with these concepts for 2010, and look forwards to the challenges that theoretical physics will provide.

I am currently working within the Nano-Silicon group on understanding the limiting effects to the cooling power of superconductor-semiconductor junctions. Please see my Cooltronics page for more details.

Over the summer I completed a URSS project on mixing phenomenolgy with the Warwick Elementary Particle Physics Group. More information about this can be found on my mixing phenomenology page.


Daniel Busbridge

D dot W dot Busbridge at warwick dot ac dot uk