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Curriculum Vitae

  1. Summary
  2. Qualifications
  3. Appointments
  4. Research Interests
  5. Public Engagement
  6. Funding awarded
  7. Publications
  8. Teaching Experience
  9. Conferences


An experienced and enthusiastic higher education professional with significant experience of managing complex academic units across national and international partnerships. A researcher, teacher, and administrator who is adept in finding creative solutions in academic and professional contexts and able to cultivate relationships with colleagues and stakeholders beyond and within the University at all levels. Adept at shifting between independent working and being an efficient and supportive member of a team. A confident and effective communicator with an exceptional ability to articulate ideas to a range of audiences with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.


PhD: ‘Writing Charms: The Transmission and Use of Charms in Anglo-Saxon England and Beyond’, University of Sheffield, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics (supervisor: Dr Philip Shaw, 2007-2010)

MA: Medieval English Literature, University of Leeds (2006-2007). Dissertation: ‘Representations of Disease and Healing in Beowulf’.

BA (Hons): English Literature, University of Sheffield, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics (2003-2006)



Academic Manager of Global Shakespeare (0.8 FTE)
Global Shakespeare is an academic project which is delivered collaboratively by the University of Warwick and Queen Mary University of London. I am responsible for the administrative leadership of the Global Shakespeare initiative and the European Commission-funded project, Shakespeare Beyond the Ghetto.

Academic Project Manager (0.2 FTE)
I have developed and maintained successful relationships with universities in Canada and Taiwan, leading to profit-generating academic summer school programmes held at the University. In this role I am also responsible for leading the Warwick BLASTER (The Best in Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Expanded and Reinforced) team, and support a diverse range of internal teaching and learning projects.


Programme Manager, International Summer School (2014 - 2015)
I was seconded from my role as Project Office for Postgraduate Recruitment from January 2014 – July 2015. I was responsible for all academic and administrative aspects of the development and execution of a new summer programme for international students, reporting directly to senior academic colleagues and members of the Senior Management Team.

Project Officer, Postgraduate Recruitment, University of Warwick (2012 - 2015)
Responsible for a diverse portfolio of activities, including: the design and development of key recruitment webpages; the creation and coordination of large-scale events, such as the PG Open Day; the facilitation of outreach schemes involving PGR students, such as Realising Opportunities and The Brilliant Club; project management of recruitment materials, such as the PG Prospectus. I have also had line management experience and continue to develop my management skills.

Previous appointments:
2011-2012, Associate University Teacher in Historical Linguistics, University of Sheffield
2009-2011, University Teaching Associate, University of Sheffield
2010-2011, Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Manchester

Research interests

  • The use and performance of the Anglo-Saxon charms in the medieval world and beyond;
  • The significance of religious motifs in charming, specifically the visual and spatial representations of the Cross;
  • Sixteenth-century antiquarian interactions with Anglo-Saxon manuscripts;
  • Responses to Anglo-Saxon magic from the ninth century to the present;
  • Ways of reading the charms (and other historical texts) that are sensitive to cultural, social and literary contexts.

Public Engagement

I have secured several funding awards for public engagement projects, collaborating with partners as diverse as Bank Street Arts (Sheffield), the University of Sheffield's Department of Archaeology and the University of the Third Age. I am particularly interested in the co-production of research and experiential research.

At the moment I am working on a Heritage Lottery Fund project, Portals to the Past, which gives young people in Rawmarsh the tools to explore their local linguistic and cultural heritage. Also based in Sheffield is the Sheffield Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Society (fondly known as SAMS), for which I curate a series of public lectures. You can read more about our lectures on the blog.

Read more about my public engagement activities.

Funding awarded

Learning and Teaching Strategic Development Fund, University of Sheffield:
£551 awarded to facilitate the execution of ELL326: Old English and Public Engagement and to produce learning resources to ensure the sustainability of the module (January 2012)

Arts Enterprise funding, University of Sheffield:
£5000 awarded to radically revise the Practical Public Engagement Doctoral Development Programme module. PE training and enterprise will be embedded into a semester of workshops, followed by a semester in which the students develop and carry out projects with partner organisations. In conjunction with Dr David Forrest (February 2012-September 2013)

Learning and Teaching Fund, University of Sheffield:
Awarded funds to complete a visit to Jorvik (with students from ELL200), in order to consider how scholars communicate their research to the public and how best to integrate these centres into University learning (May 2011/12)


I have published on several themes which arose from my thesis, including:

  • Identifying the boundaries of the genre of Anglo-Saxon charms and interrogating traditional scholarship on the classification and taxonomy of charms;
  • Ways of reading the Anglo-Saxon charms as part of the intricate web of Anglo-Saxon culture, literature and society;
  • The social and performative aspect of Anglo-Saxon magic.

Read more about my publications.

Teaching experience

I am an enthusiastic teacher, committed to providing teaching based on cutting-edge research and continually seeking to improve my academic and professional abilities. I have experience of devising new modules and am competent in handling the administrative demands of a teaching post. Have a look at a video produced by some of my past students.

Courses and qualifications

  • Associate Fellow (HEA) (Dec 2012)
  • University of Sheffield Teaching Assistant training course (working with small groups; teaching large groups; managing assessment and feedback; supervising research) (2011-12)
  • Action Learning Sets training day: applying business-based problem-solving techniques to research (Jan 2012)
  • Teaching International Students training course (Oxford Brookes University, April-May 2012)
  • Teaching English Studies through Blended Learning workshop day (May 2010)
  • Texts in Translation: teaching and using translation in literary study (Jan 2008)

Courses delivered (University of Sheffield):

  • History of English: Traces development of English from Old English to Modern English.
  • Introduction to Old English: Introduces students to basics of OE grammar, as well as the literature and culture of the Anglo-Saxon period.
  • Introduction to Lexicology: Guides students through the principles of the study of words.
  • Old English and Public Engagement: Explores how UG students can engage the public in research on Old English through a public engagement event.
  • Undergraduate Dissertation
  • Cultures of the British Isles (postgraduate course)
  • Research Ethics and Integrity (postgraduate course)
  • Introduction to Advanced Literary Studies
  • Old English: Language, Texts and Cultures
  • The History of the English Language II

Courses delivered (University of Manchester)

  • Introduction to Old English Linguistics
  • Introduction to Middle English Linguistics

Other teaching experience

  • Academic tutor on the University of Warwick’s ‘Realising Opportunities’ Widening Participation initiative (2012)
  • One-to-one GCSE tutoring (2009)
  • Cover supervisor in secondary schools (2008-2009)
  • Literacy tutor for children with learning and behavioural difficulties; I was awarded a Level 2 and Level 3 NOCN qualification in Supported Reading Skills and Reading Skills Development as a result (2008-2009).

Read more about my teaching experience.


Invited presentations

  • University of Kent Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies: 'Ic eom flygende, Jack! Old English and Public Engagement' (October 2013)
  • Pecha Kucha Night, Coventry: 'Enta geweorc: Recreating the Ruin' (June 2013)
  • Warwick Medieval to Renaissance Seminar Series: Journeys Roundtable: 'Forð ic gefare: The Old English Journey Charm) (May 2013)
  • TOEBI (Teaching Old English in Britain and Ireland) Annual Conference, University of Leicester: ‘Placing the Anglo-Saxons: An Approach to Teaching Old English’, October 2010
  • 'Religion, Belief and Superstition', School of Arts, Histories and Cultures Postgraduate Conference, University of Manchester: ‘The Manuscript Context of Anglo-Saxon Charms II’, June 2009

Refereed presentations

  • Research Days in Medieval Research Days, Budapest: 'Work in Progress: Translations and Transformations: Responses to the Anglo-Saxon Charms', April 2014 (forthcoming)
  • The International Medieval Congress, Leeds: ‘Scribal Practices in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts’, July 2012
  • Britain in The Middle Ages, Charles University, Prague: ‘Societal Relationships in the Anglo-Saxon Charms’, March 2012
  • The International Medieval Congress, Leeds: ‘The Context(s) of Anglo-Saxon Charms’, July 2011
  • University of Sheffield Postgraduate Colloquium: ‘Beo ðe þinum ond læt me be minum: Controlling One’s Possessions in Anglo-Saxon England’, May 2011
  • The International Medieval Congress, Leeds: ‘The Cross in Anglo-Saxon England and Anglo-Saxon Charms’, July 2010
  • Medievalism Transformed Postgraduate Conference, University of Bangor: ‘Gendering the Audiences of Anglo-Saxon Charms’, June 2010
  • MARS Research Seminar Series, University of Sheffield: ‘Points of Convergence: The Cross in Anglo Saxon Charms’, December 2009
  • The International Medieval Congress, Leeds: ‘The Manuscript Context of Anglo-Saxon Charms: Legal Practice’, July 2009
  • 'Anglo-Saxon Texts and Writers', MANCASS 5th Annual Postgraduate Conference: ‘The Manuscript Context of Anglo-Saxon Charms’, March 2009
  • 'Sources in the Spotlight', University of Nottingham Postgraduate Conference: ‘Writing Charms’, May 2008.